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Support Availability

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Q: What type of support do you offer?

A: All support is email only. The reason the software was reduced in price is to better reflect the "do-it-yourself" nature of the tech support. All support is via email only. I had to make the choice of either greatly increasing the cost of the software to hire tech support personnel (which defeats the goal of an affordable EMR system) or reduce the cost and limit support to email only (and hopefully some better tutorials and manuals as time goes on).

Q: I have tried for the past three weeks to have someone return my telephone call from your company. I was very interested in purchasing your software and left several messages because I had a few questions before ordering.

A: We provide Internet/email-only support for this product. Please send any questions you may have and I'll try to answer them for you (usually within 24-48 hours; I'm a practicing optometrist too, so it works best by email). Realize that for a $199 EMR system you are not going to get the type of telephone support that you would for $10K packages. Most of my users download and install the software to their computers so they can "demo" the various features and verify that the software will work okay. I will provide support if you get stuck with a feature or have other problems that you can't solve yourself.

Q: ETA on more tutorials & online forum?

A: The online forum is down until I can figure out a better way to filter out the spammers. More tutorials will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2011.

Q: Is there any telephone support available?

A: No, all support is via email and your own resources

Q: I am trying to utilize tech support but I haven’t gotten an answer from anyone. Am I leaving important info out so that they will respond? Do they need my phone number so that they know I am licensed user?

A: Be sure to send mail to  (we have other software products, so make sure you use the correct email address).  We do not offer telephone support, so if you leave voicemail without a return email address, you likely won’t hear from us.

Q: How quick are support questions answered?

A: The typical email response time is anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days. Typically within 24 hours.

Q: There seems to be a lack of manual/training methods.  Is this being addressed?

A: This has been brought up frequently and we are aware that the training system is woefully inadequate. We are in the process of developing a more robust training system to include a completed user manual, tutorial videos and a DVD with training sessions and/or webinars. Right now, as you can see, we have only the skeleton outlines of the training in place. Over the summer you should see quite a bit of improvement. This FAQ is part of the ongoing efforts to make more support available.

Q: Do you offer any SSP's (Software Subscription Plans) with your software ? I notice that you have done quite a few software fixes and patches based on your revision History. How are users notified of these updates and patches ? How do they download them ? I am used to paying for an SSP so that I can be assured that I always have the latest and greatest version of software on my machines.

A: If you have an Internet connection, the software checks daily for updates automatically and informs you of any that are available. This is all included in the annual license fee.

Q: I apologize for all of the questions.....I am an Electrical I am used to asking hundreds of questions before I commit to any hardware Architectures...... Sales people usually "Hate" talking to me!

A: I don't mind helping you and your wife with this decision. Realize that any software will have pros/cons. I think your wife will do fine with the software, but realize that it was written by an optometrist and not an engineer (i.e. things that would drive you nuts about how it works may be just fine for your wife!). Heck it drives me crazy at times, and I wrote it!!! I recommend doing the full 30 day trial to get a sense of the software before making a purchasing decision.

Q: Does "Email Support Only" imply that you are only willing to give minimal support to people who buy your product....or that you are willing to support people who have problems with your product...... but people must be patient and willing to wait before they get a reply. I just want to know what to expect in the coming years. I am okay with waiting for assistance.....But I would like to think that there is someone at the other end of the wire that is going to support us if we have problems with your product..

A: We will be here to help you. We just ask that you spend some time reviewing the help & support systems first, since 90% of questions are probably covered.