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Ordering, Downloading & Installing

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Q: I just opened a brand new office & I hoping to get up and running soon.  Any hints?

A: Go slow if you are not comfortable with computer data entry. You might want a paper backup system in place if you run into trouble.  Realize that it is normal for the first few days (weeks!) to be more stressful as you learn the software.

Q: I have a PC in my office that does not have Internet capabilities. Would you be able to send me a demo CD-ROM so I could see if your program would meet my needs?

A: You have two options: (1) download for free to a USB flash (“thumb”) drive on another computer, then copy to your office computer or (2) go to the website order page and add the CD-ROM only to the shopping cart (there is a $15.00 charge). If you later decide to order, we will send another CD-ROM with your license code at no additional cost. Also, please be aware that updates are only provided online. You will need to order an update CD-ROM once a year (same procedure as above).

Q: I recently requested a trial version of ezChartWriter and I downloaded the software under my administer and used shared folder in attempt to allow my staff to enter demographics and scheduling. However, I was not able to access it with my staff log-in. I was wondering would I be able to install the software under the administer and allow staff log-in to access this software for everyday routine with the actual purchase?

A: The trial version and actual versions are the same. You should be able to install the software so that both yourself and staff can access it. To allow staff to access, sign in as staff, then open Program Files \ezHealthWare

Q: Any docs in the Denver area? Do you know of any other LensCrafters docs using ezChartWriter? Or other "corporate" docs?

A: A number of "corporate" doctors use the software (e.g. at Pearle Vision, Wal-Mart, Sam's Clubs to name a few). Send an email to to request doctors in your area.

Q: Could you send me a CD of the software?

A: You'd need to order one from the website (although you can download copies from free from the website at any time):

Q: Is your software downloadable or is it delivered on CD?

A: Downloading is recommended (and it’s free!).  The version you download is identical to the purchased version (you just need the License Code to use beyond the trial period).

Q: Do you offer Discounts for Educational/Govt./Non- Profit Organizations?

A: Yes, We do offer discounts to such Organizations. The amount of the discount depends upon the profile and history of the organization. We also actively donate our software licenses from time to time. If your organization appears to meet the criteria, please email our Sales department to receive the discount and/or donated license code. Please make sure you provide the following information:

1. Profile: Brief overview of your organization (and it’s status, e.g. non-profit, academic, etc).

2. Products: Product(s) that you would like to purchase or have donated.

3. Purpose: How do you intend to use the software?

Q: As I continue to practice working through your software and troubleshooting it for my practice and similar offices, I become more impressed. The one issue that, if unresolved, would keep me from going forward with it is that of multiple doctors. It seems as if I am limited to a single doctor.

A: There must be some confusion. Multiple doctors are allowed, and can create and sign-off on patient encounters. Only the Appointment Scheduler is limited to a single provider (although multiple patients can be booked side-by-side; you have to manually indicate doctor using color coding). To create additional "providers", use Admin->Settings & Options->User Details.

Q: My trial time with ezChartWriter has expired; can I download the software again?

A: If you are still actively investigating the software, we can give you a short extension of the trial period. Email for more information.

Q: During installation on a network, when we try to open it on a second computer we get a message that the database is corrupt and when we try to fix it on the main computer it says it can not connect or is not a correct path.

A: You must set the permissions properly for the database folder on the XP server machine. In other words, you must have set that folder for sharing with read/write enabled. Right-click the folder C:\ezHW_Data and select Sharing & Security, then Share this Folder, then "Allow Network Users to Change data". If the allow changes box is not checked, then you can't run the software over the network.

Q: Are you sending it by CD or sending it in the downloadable file?

A: The software is available by download only directly from the website (unless you purchased a CDROM)

Q: Also please let us know how to transfer it from one user's computer to other user's computer?

A: You must install it on each computer. You can transfer the database by copying the C:\ezHW_Data folder.

Q: How much time will it take to get the software installed on our computer?

A: Installation is fairly fast and simple; usually under 15 minutes.

Q: Do we need to have software engineer for installing the software?

A: If you have minimal computer skills you can download and install the software. An expert may be required for network setup however.

Q: How often are there updates?

A: At least twice a year, or more often if specific bugs need to be addressed.

Q: If I purchase the software and later decide that it does not meet my requirements will I still have access to the data that had been entered prior to the renewal date? I understand that I would not be able to enter new information, but am concerned with access to old records.

A: You can purchase a read-only version of the software for a nominal fee (equivalent to one year’s annual license fee). This read-only does not need to be renewed.

Q: I'm an optometrist in a two-door state that has a lease at a Wal-Mart SuperCenter. Currently I have one exam lane, a small pretest room, and the receptionist desk. Will the software work well for me in this situation?

A: Your setup is ideal for ezChartWriter!

Q: Does it make more sense to download the demo onto my personal laptop or should I set up a network in the office first before trying out the software?

A: You can do it either way, but if you want a database to "practice" on first (with the intention of deleting and starting with a fresh slate), then just use the laptop. BUT, if you will be entering live data, be sure to (1) use your real clinic number since it's a hassle to change the licensed number and (2) enter your test charts on the sample patient (Joe Sample) so they won't get confused with real charts. You can use the laptop for this just in your exam room at first, then when you upgrade to a network you'd copy the database folder to the primary computer (which can actually remain a laptop if you wish).

Q: If I purchase a new laptop and then download ezChartWriter onto it, will I be able to take my laptop to the office and download it to a desktop in my office?

A: Yes. Copy the setup file (and update files) from your laptop to your desktop. You can use a flash-drive for this. Then run each (setup, then updates). Then run the ezChartWriter software. Install the software FIRST on the computer you wish to hold the database.


Q: I would like to have the software on my computers in the office, but take my laptop home to bill insurance claims. Am I being logical? My mind does not function in the electronic realm.

A: This would work. Even easier: just copy the database folder (C:\ezHW_Data) to as small thumb USB drive flash drive. You could then take that anywhere. Just don’t lose it!

Q: My practice will have three machines on a peer-to-peer network. From what I am reading all three of these machines will have a stand-alone copy of your software installed, pointing to the network location of the database. Does your product create/edit and maintain it's own database.....or do I need to purchase and install Access or Sql Server on one or all of the machines in conjunction with your software ?

A: The setup is just as you describe, single database with each computer running ezChartWriter and accessing a central database. No need to purchase any database licenses.

Q: Can your software and it's database be on different Hard drives ? (ezChartWriter on C drive.....and it's Database on J Drive ?)

A: Yes, this is the standard setup for networking anyway

Q: Does your software care where the database is ?

A: NO, you can specify the file location on your single computer or on a network (although we always recommend the default location for troubleshooting purposes)

Q: I would like to specify the database to be on a shared Drive on one of the machines that is removable resource. ( USB Drive ...or Blade Drive ) something that is easily serviceable and swappable. If I do that I can also take the database home on Sundays when the vision center is closed to work on Patient files with your software from home. Do you see any issues with this ?

A: It would cause your system to run a bit slower if you use an external drive, and most USB drives/flash drives won't have the speed of an internal drive. What I usually do is copy the entire database folder (C:\ezHW_Data) to a flash drive at night if I need to work on the database at home (or on laptop), then copy it back the next day. But you can easily try it on your external drive and see if the speed is adequate. The software is quite flexible about where the database is located.

Q: There anyway to acquire the software and use it at home (currently we do billing out of our house) and the switch it over to a network in the office once the hardware and office remodel is completed.

A: Sure, that sounds like a good idea. You can download the trial software at If you are just going to be doing testing and NOT wanting to carry over your data when you go live, then just install again on the new computers. If you wish to keep your data, email me when you are ready and I'll give you detailed instructions on how to copy the databases. Also, you'd want to use your real clinic telephone number when setting up, so that there won't be a problem if you decide to license your existing database.

Q: I have been having trouble activating my new license at the new location. I have the receipt showing that the purchase was made, but my credit card has not been charged either. Can you help.

A: Your licenses for both locations should work now. You credit card will be billed in a week or two, we're running behind on processing orders at the moment.

Q: I tried to purchase your software over the Internet and as of yet I have not received an activation code. I was curious as to whether my credit card info was transmitted or not. Please let me know ASAP so I can re-transmit it if necessary.

A: Check your spam email folder, it may have been sent there by mistake.

Q: Is there a sample period we can use your software in action ?

A: In answer to your question... you can download the software directly and try it for up to 30 days (no obligation).

Q: I have paid for CD rom copy of the ezChartWriter and have not received it yet.

A: Sorry about that. I'll get a CD-ROM out to you when I get back in town next week.

Q: I like your software from the demo so far. I am looking at purchasing, but both my IT tech and I always like to have hard copies of software, just in case. My question is, if I download the product, can I do it as a save download, copy the file to a CD, and then actually have a functional copy of the software? Sometimes when this is tried, the software won't actually function.

A: Yes, that would work fine.  Your patient database holds the license keys.

Q: I recently requested a trial version of ezChartWriter and I downloaded the software under my administer login and used shared folder in attempt to allow my staff to enter demographics and scheduling. However, I was not able to access it with my staff log-in. I was wondering would I be able to install the software under the administer and allow staff log-in to access this software for everyday routine with the actual purchase?

A: You should be able to share the software with various users. The software should be installed in the usual "Program Files" folder. Just create a shortcut icon for each user. If you are using Vista, you can right-click the program (ezChartWriter.exe) and set the admin permissions.

Q: Also, while I was installing the software, it did ask me if I want to be able to view this software from other computer in the office. Would I be able to do that and how?

A: The software can be networked and my users do just that. I would suggest finding a local "network" guru in your area (ask you staff if they know of anyone good with computers). They should be able to assist you in setting up a simple network and allow you to have all the User accounts access the software.

Q: Is there such thing as try out??? From your description it sounds great but still have doubt. I found your software on EBAY, how long have you been selling the software?

A: Your questions are good ones. (1)We do have a trial version you can download from the website ( (2)The software is pretty good, but it has it's learning curve. We are working on adding more training videos and help manuals. (3) We’ve been on ebay since 2009. The software itself has been on the market for several years, but we market mostly with word-of-mouth. Most doctors purchase the software directly on the ezChartWriter website (or the built-in ordering module within the software). The eBay thing was a new idea to see if we could hit more customers. And the website traffic did seem jump way up! Anyway, download and try the software... and make your own judgment.

Q: If I download the product on to my laptop, can I save it to a jump drive and download it to the other PC's to my office, or do I have to download from the Internet on each computer. (Would the CD help?)

A: Absolutely. You actually want to download the update program also, so that you can run them both together. Once installed you will be prompted to "find" the database on the network.


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