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Pricing & Annual Fees

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Q: What are the annual costs?

A: You only pay $199.00 per year (per clinic location). This includes unlimited numbers of doctors and/or computers at ONE clinic location (unless your network tech sets up a VPN so you can access the single database via multiple locations).

Q: As I was checking on the manual/help, it has a section "What you get for $499". Another place says $329 year. Is that an old purchase price?

A: Yes that was the old price. We now charge an annual fee of $199 per year with free email support.

Q: I am very interested in purchasing your software for both of my offices, but the pricing confuses me. Your web page states $199.00 . Then further down the page says $1299.00 per office?

A: To simplify things, the pricing on the software is $199 per year and includes all modules -OR- you can purchase a one-time perpetual license for $1299. The license fee is per clinic location, no matter how many computers and/or doctors work at your practice. If you prefer a single purchase rather than annual licenses, then you can order a perpetual license for a one-time fee. Use the built-in order form to purchase the perpetual license or visit the website.

Q: What types of practices buy your software?

A: We sell to both private doctors and corporate.  We have many Wal-Mart doctors. Mostly because it's inexpensive and it works very well in corporate practices (and small private offices). But, the reason our cost is so low is that we don't offer much support or hand-holding; most users learn the software just with playing around and trying it out, using the built-in help.

Q: If I need to renew on an annual basis and the company is no longer in existence (for whatever reason), how do we make sure we can continue to use the software?

A: If for some reason the software is discontinued, we would release a lifetime license. Realistically though, we don't foresee this occurring and have many established users who motivate us to keep improving the product.

Q: New pricing?

A: The $199 price is new price. That is an annual licensing fee. Functionally, the working software is exactly the same as the demo (if you are using the newest version 4.0). When you purchase the software, the license is downloaded from the Internet and unlocks the software for further use. You can network as many computers as you like in a single clinic (although about 10 is the max before performance starts to drop).

Q: Will there be a charge to update later?

A: You only pay the annual licensing fee. All updates are free (if you have Internet access). If no Internet, then be sure to purchase the $15 CD-ROM option from our software renewal form (or from the website).

Q: If I need to suspend for a year, will the program still allow me to access/view the patient files after the expiration/renewal date?

A: Yes, you can get a free copy of the read-only software. Only if you have paid the $199 license fee for that year will you be able to edit or add data though.

Q: If in the unfortunate event that you could no longer support this program, would you make available a permanent unlock key so that users would not be left high and dry? I have been burned once, so this is an important issue.

A: Sure, in an event such as this the software would be released into the public domain and a perpetual license key would be provided. You need not worry about getting burned, and we don’t intend on going out of business anytime soon!

Q: Are any new versions to be released soon?

A: We periodically update the software and fix bugs that are reported.

Q: Does the software buyer own the software outright or will it self-destruct after one year?

A: It expires after one year. You can purchase a “read-only” version of the software to view data (but not enter new data) if you don't wish to renew the annual license. You can also purchase a perpetual license that gives you access to the software "forever". Otherwise you can request the read-only version of the software that only allows viewing/printing of your existing patients. This would be available at no charge.

Q: Regarding the $199/year? Does that mean software locks you out after a year if $199 not received?

A: The software does stop working, but you can request a "read-only" version to continue viewing charts. There is no charge for this.

Q: Is the price per location or per computer per location?

A: Pricing is per clinic location (you can have all your computers networked together at no additional cost). If you have two locations, then each would be separate and would require two licenses.

Q: Would you please ask a client of yours if they would allow me to contact them about this software and its usage?

A: Sure, try emailing these doctors and see if they can help you with more info (most have been using the software at least 2-3 years and have been satisfied enough to keep renewing): [contact us for dr emails]

Q: You said that in the summer I "should see quite an improvement" in the lack of training. Would I be able to try the software again for another 30 days after those tutorials and instructions are in place?

A: That wouldn't be a problem. As you have probably figured out, I'm not too worried about making money on the software; it's done more for spreading the idea of Electronic Medical Records. I'm a believer! Most of the issues with help manuals and such are a lack of time on my part. But I'm dedicating time to getting it done, so you should have something soon.

Q: If I purchase ezChartWriter and use it for a year and switch to another program (due to the Medicare incentive), will I be able to access patient records(review not write or edit) that I have on ezChartWriter or the Appointment Scheduler?

A: You have several options. You can purchase a perpetual license. This option is best if you will still need full access to all functions (of course, you could also just continue your existing license for a few years). Otherwise, you can request the read-only version of the software that only allows viewing/printing of your existing patients. This would be available at no charge. As of now I've not had anyone request it and we have a 90% renewal rate (the other 10% were likely doctors who "tested the waters" but switched to a different EMR).