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Plan & Assessment Tool

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The Plan/Assessment tool allows you to create a problem/plan list for the encounter, as well as detail patient education and follow-up requirements. There are four primary sections (displayed as tabs on the left side):


Quick Plan

Designed to allow for quick creation of a refractive problem/plan list. You can enter an assessment, plan and follow-up on this page. Click the items you wish to include (or uncheck to remove).



Includes tabs for:  Refractive/Binocular, Ocular Pathology and Diagnosis (by alphabetical list or category). You can also click and drag down descriptors (e.g. "OD", "stable" or "worsening") after the assessment.





Includes tabs for:  Refractive Plan, Ocular Tx Plan and Patient Education.


The Ocular Treatment Plan tab allows you the ability to list prescribed medications in the Plan section (as well as creating actual Printed Rx).




Includes sections for:  Follow-Up Timeline, Follow-Up Recommendations, Recall Date.