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Install Problems/Troubleshooting

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Q: I tried to download the newer version to try it out on Vista but could not get the database updated.

A: One of the "security" features of Vista is that it will not let a program modify a file unless it is in a  location considered safe. The new version of ezChartWriter has moved the database to a folder call ezHW_Data on the computer's root drive. What you can do to test a new version (fresh install) is this:

1)Go to the folder "C:\Program Files\ezHealthWare\ezUtilities" and find the program "ezPathUtil.exe". Double click it and use the Clear button to reset both paths listed. Save the changes.
2)Change the name of the entire ezHealthWare folder to ezHealthWare2 or ezHealthWare_Old. It will look like this: "C:\Program Files\ezHealthWare_Old"
3)Click the My Computer icon on your desktop and click the C: drive open. Look for a folder called "ezHW_Data". If you find it, rename it "ezHW_Data_Old".
4)Now try and install again. The software will think it's a brand new installation and rebuild everything fresh. This will give you a new trial period to test with on Vista.

Q: I downloaded the trial of EZChartwriter a few months back, and never got around to trying it out during the trial period.  Is there a way that I can get a new 30 day trial period?

A: If you wish to start-over completely, follow these steps:

1)Delete the database folder "C:\ezHW_Data" on each of the computers.
2)Then download and re-install the software (and updates):

3)Run the software on the "primary" computer where you want your database stored. Follow the setup instructions on the screen. Be sure to enter your current clinic number that matches what you licensed.