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Removing Demo Patients

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Q: I've been creating bogus patients just to play around with the software and wanted to know how to remove them?

A: If they are not FINALIZED, then you would right-click from the Encounter List and select delete (works on all types, including encounters, notes, reports, etc). If they are Finalized, then you can't delete them. You can do one of three things then:

1)Change the names of each patient to something nonsensical (like AAA Patient1, etc). That way they would never be confused with actual patients.
2)Merge all the charts with the Joe Sample patient (which is the default "Sample" patient). Do this by signing in as a User, then clicking on the Open drawer of the file cabinet. For each extra patient, Right- Click and select Merge Patient on the menu. Enter the "Merge To" patient ID (which will be 00001, the sample patient). All documents will merge into the new patient.
3)Start COMPLETELY fresh (you'll have to re-enter your clinic info and other settings). Navigate to "C:\ezHW_Data" (or wherever you put your patient database on a network). Change the name of this folder to ezHW_Data2. Open this program and follow the setup instructions. Check the box for First-Time Installation so it will automatically create a blank database again.

NOTE: You are free to use the sample patient (Joe Sample), which is the ONLY chart that can be closed with Pending Encounters (applies to version 3.0.50 and higher).