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NOTE:  View the networking tutorial in the ezHealthWare/Userguide folder on your installation computer.

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Q: If we are using 2 computers, 1 for staff entering info and pre-testing, and 1 for me examing patients. How do we do this? (sorry for the computer ignorance)

A: You need to set up a small network. With Windows XP, setting up a network with two computers is fairly easy. I recommend that you hire a local company (you can get a recommendation from a local computer shop) to set everything up for you. Once the network is running, it's just a matter of "sharing" the folder that holds your patient database. Again, a local computer technician can do this step.

Q: Could this be the issue/ could my wireless card be interfering?

A: The wireless card may be an issue if the connection to the database is being broken. What happens is that Windows try to constantly update to the best connection (but in the meantime keeps breaking existing connections). There is a way to shut off this mode; it's always best to have a wired connection for best speed/performance on an actual network.

Q: Can I download to more than one computer at each office?

A: Yes, as long as each computer is networked into the same database at the office, they all use the same license file. See the tutorial on networking (Admin->Settings & Options->Set Database ->Network Tutorial

Q: While I was installing the software, it asked me if I want to be able to view this software from other computer in the office. Would I be able to do that and how?

A: Yes, you need to have a network installed with your computers first.  View the Networking Tutorial in the setup wizard (or in online help); if you lack experience in setting up a network I highly recommend you hire a local tech support person to do this for you.

Q: Can only one computer in a network access the data at any one moment, or all computers can access the data and change it all at once? Which computer will have the priority in saving the data if one or two computer accesses a file at once?

A: Only one can access a chart at a time to prevent overwriting of others data (the software detects that someone else has opened a chart and warns you).

Q: I am an OD who has a nursing home practice, so I would install this on a laptop. I have a tech who lives in a different town, who needs to be able to share the exam and glasses data when she gets home so she can schedule followup and order glasses that we fit while in the facility. How can I share this data with her?

A: No problem with doing the laptop idea; as far as sharing data you have several options:

1)Transfer a copy of the database folder (zipped, which is what the backup utility does). She'd then have to do the same thing for you before you go out again (works well if you only do visits once a week).
2)you can use GoToMyPC or similar software. This allows her to link into your computer. This would probably require a high-speed Internet connection (like DSL or cable-modem).
3)We're working on a module to synchronize two different databases; this should be available is several months, maybe sooner. So then you can each make changes, then synch the databases from time-to-time.

Q: I am interested in beginning a trial run of the program. What do I need to do in my office as far as computers and networking to set the software up? I currently only have one computer in the office. I suppose I will need computers in each exam lane and the pretest room. I have many questions about setting up the computers to network.

A: I recommend downloading the trial version and just testing it out. You will need to have a functioning network (preferably wired, not wireless) for multiple computers to use the software. Install the software on your exam computer (or whichever computer you wish to use as the server). The software will guide you in linking the computers, assuming you set your database folder on the server to have permission to share. This type of networking setup would be done by your local IT/network technician. Once they have your network up and running, and the exam room database set with proper permissions to share data, you should be able to install the software on multiple computers and link together.

Q: When I try to do a new patient encounter, it tells me the chart is locked by another user, even though I am the only user? When I hit the unlock button it gives me the same message?

A: If you have previously opened an encounter and the chart was NOT fully closed (say due to a crash), it will show as being open. Usually you can click ‘okay to unlock” to proceed (if you are sure that you don't have a chart open for that patient on another computer). You cannot have the same chart open on multiple computers at the same time (by same user or different users), since the data will over-write each other.

Q: If I network it with another computer, does it need to run on the same windows operating system for all the computers?

A: You can mix/match operating systems (although it's best to use all WinXP machines).

Q: We want to know whether the package is multi-user system or single user i.e. whether more than one person can use the system at a time and update the database?

A: Yes, you can have multiple users opening multiple patients. But only one user can have an Encounter open and in editing mode at a time (for the obvious reason of not having one user overwriting the data of the other). But once the encounter is finalized (not editable), then it can be opened simultaneously. There is a practical limit of about 10 users before the software slows down dramatically.

Q: Is it okay to work with ezChartWriter wirelessly? We have 3 laptop computers (Main Reception Desk, Prelim Room, and Exam Room)

A: You can use the software wirelessly, although it will run slower than in a wired environment. You also risk more database crashes due to lost network connections.

Q: Do we need to run it off a server?

A: No, you can do peer-to-peer.

Q: I assume I need to connect my network with a routing / switching hub, then connect to everything using cat 5 cable?

A: Yes, that's the way to go.

Q: I suppose I need a local info-tech company to set up my network.  Do you have any resources for me?

A: A local tech guy to setup your network would be best. You can consult with your local computer repair shop for recommendations; many times a friend or co-worker can point you to a local guru who’ll set everything up for much less than a commercial outfit. I do recommend using consistent hardware (i.e. all Dell Computers using WinXP; all HP or Minolta printers, etc). Many users report problems with Vista (with various software, not just ezChartWriter), so if you have the choice, stick with XP.  There are companies that will come onsite and have a network setup for you in a couple of hours.

Q: How stable is the software for networking?

A: For small offices (under 10 computers), it works fine. Database errors can occur if you use wireless networking extensively or have more than 4-5 users logged on concurrently. Nightly backups are recommended (a simple backup utility is included).

Q: Do you have people using your products on Peer to Peer Networked Vista machines ? Any Problems you can warn me about before I decide which way to go ?

A: Yes, with all the newest updates to the software installed, the software seems to run fine on Vista . Vista also has an XP compatibility setting if you do run into problems.

Q: I would prefer to use your product on a wired Network, but I am concerned that Wal-Mart won't let me run my own Cat5 wire between machines in their vision center ? (I still need to ask them about this).

A: We've had other Wal-Mart docs tell us that Wal-Mart prefers a wired network, so this shouldn't be a problem (although they may require that the wiring work be done by their people... you'll have to check on this).

Q: If their answer is No, I assume I can set up a Secure Wireless network between the three machines. Will your software work fine in this situation as well ? Do you have people using your product on Wireless Networks ?

A: The only problem would be speed issues; you would likely notice a much slower software operation (since it is very database driven). If you have poor signal or connection drop, you will suffer from potential database crashes!

Q: I installed ezChartWriter on my third computer of my network but don't know the password. Do I need a CD to install the program??

A: No you should be able to either download the software (or use a prior setup file) to copy to the new computer. Once you open on the new computer, during the setup phase be sure to point to the correct network path where your server is located.

Q: We are trying to install software on networked computers. The ezChartWriter works on the server but on a remote computer it will not. When you try to open the program I keep getting an error message that the database is corrupt.

A: Did you set the Share Settings for the database folder (on the server) to allow network access? You would do this (at least on an WinXP machine) by right-clicking the database folder (ezHW_Data) and selecting "Sharing and Security". Then in the network sharing section, click the box "Share this folder". Then you MUST check the box "Allow users to change files".