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How do I edit text in the SOAP note?

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Text may ONLY be edited in the SOAPnote view (not in the ExamSheet view). If you begin typing in the ExamSheet view the software will automatically switch views to the edit screen.


Once in SOAPnote view, you will need to be in "Edit" mode. To do this manually, click the Edit Mode button at the top and click in the area you wish to edit text. The background color will turn light green to indicate you are in Edit Mode for that topic.




You can add, delete or move data just like in any standard word processing application. However, it is advisable to NOT move the built-in tags surrounded with curly brackets {TAG}. Although you can add text features such as bold or underline by pasting formatted text into the box, these changes will be lost as the data is saved in unformatted text only. Headings are automatically bolded.




WARNING:  Do not delete the text tags (e.g. {Symptoms}), as these tags are used internally by the software to track the location to insert your Exam Tool data.