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Accounts Receivable (AR) List

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The Pending Payments or "AR List" is a powerful means to keep tabs on the profitability of your practice. Within seconds you can see how much of your patient billing is outside of 30, 60, even 90 days. Having the Accounts Receivable front-and-center forces everyone in the practice to keep an eye on cash flow.




Here are some of features that make the AR List very useful:


You can sort each of the columns by click the top heading (e.g. you can sort by Patient Name or Insurance)
You can add Action Notes to the AR list so that the status of each unpaid item can be assessed in a glance
Double-clicking a patient name will open the corresponding FeeSlip
Right-clicking a patient will show a menu of options, including "pulling" the chart up to the Open Ledgers screen, deleting existing Action Note and Creating a Billing Statement.



See the Main Screen description for additional details.