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Overview of ezChartWriter

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What is ezChartWriter?

ezChartWriter is a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software for Ophthalmic Professionals (optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians). It allows you to track patients, create reports and prescriptions, enter exam data and generate letters. ezChartWriter resides on your local computer and can be networked so that all Windows XP, Win 2000, Vista or Windows7 computers can see the data. With its many basic and advanced features ezChartWriter offers a secure, affordable and efficient means to add EMR to your practice. It allows creating and printing medication and/or ophthalmic prescriptions. It includes a built-in word processor, report editor, Rx logbook feature, reminders and note documentation tool in one application, which you can use to organize your patient demographics, Rx's and other data.

Program Structure

ezChartWriter uses familiar images as the cornerstone of the user interface. For example, a patient chart looks similar to what you would see in the paper format. Rx's and notes are presented in lists that can be double clicked to call up the appropriate report. The report editor is similar to standard word processors available in Windows XP.



In order to keep our software very low cost (only $199 per year per location with unlimited computers/users) we are not pursuing certification at this time. However, because some of our doctors see a significant amount of Medicare patients, we have added an "Export to Online EHR" method. There is at least one free online EHR that has ONC certification. Sponsored in part by Dell Computers, they are the leading free EHR solution (you can google "free online EHR" for your options). This fits nicely with our own low cost software model. The websites are fairly limited in optometric functions (which is where our software comes into play). You simply upload a pdf of your Encounter or paste your SOAP note to the site and keep a parallel system online. So it also functions as a “backup” of your SOAP notes that can be accessed anywhere there is internet.


To qualify, you have to be an eligible provider who bills Medicare. Next, you need to use a certified EHR system and meet 20 criteria for Meaningful Use. For the year 2011, you will to attest to CMS that you met the Meaningful Use criteria for 90 consecutive days and your incentives will be paid with your reimbursements.

Rx Wizards

In order to quickly build a Rx, a wizard is available to walk you through the process. Whether you are creating a medication Rx, a spectacle Rx or a contact lens Rx, the wizard gives you the tools to easily enter your prescription data. One of ezChartWriter's great strengths is that it allows you to create Rx's based on prior data, simply by double clicking on a past Rx in the Logbook

It should be mentioned that ezChartWriter does not oblige you to use the Rx Wizard at all. For example, for custom Rx's you can simple open a blank report and manually type your data.


ezChartWriter can also help you save time by generating letters, reports, and patient handouts. Many pre-existing sample reports are included or you can build your own!


Since ezChartWriter can export data in both text and PDF formats, you can send your Rx's and letters in e-mail or simply create backup copies that can be opened on any computer.