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Evaluating the Software (Free Trial Period)

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ezChartWriter is free to try for up to the first 30 days, during which time the program is fully functional. Beyond this limit, you need to register the software. You should keep the following in mind when evaluating ezChartWriter:


The installation of a fresh version of ezChartWriter over a previously installed evaluation version does not prolong the original 30 day evaluation period.


Each location (clinic) that uses ezChartWriter will have its own uniquely assigned serial ID number and account number. Your account number is your practice telephone number. When you register the software you will be asked to provide your practice telephone number; please provide a valid and accurate number. If your telephone number should change in the future, you will need to re-register your software. If you have two (or more) locations, each will require a separate registration number.




The quickest way to display the help is to press F1. If context-sensitive help is available it will be displayed automatically.



Most of the screens in ezApptScheduler have a Help button that displays relevant information.



Select the Help item in the menu bar for additional help options.