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Uninstalling Software

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Q: I would like to wipe this XP machine clean of all remnants of your software.......Including the registry....In hopes that I can do a fresh Clean install. Do you have any advice on completely purging my XP machine of your software ?

A: To manually delete the software, follow these steps:

1)In the Windows Control Panel, click the "Add/Remove Programs" icon. Find the entry for ezChartWriter and click "Remove"
2)Delete the program files (if present): delete C:\Program Files\ezHealthWare folder entirely
3)Re-install the software by downloading the setup file: DO NOT RUN software yet.
4)Instead, go to the ezHealthWare\ezUtilities folder and open the ezPathUtil.exe file. You will see two lines (path to database and to the tool database). Click clear for each and hit okay, then confirm if asked.
5)Start the software now. It should run as if a fresh install. Use the default settings for install location of database (e.g. C:\ezHW_Data).


NOTE: This does NOT delete the patient database. To delete the existing database use the topic "Instructions to do a Fresh Start (with empty patient database)".