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Ideas & Future Plans

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Q: Is there a way to put in more insurance company info to a patient's demographic data other than the primary and secondary insurance that is available at present

A: In the past, there was a benefits screen in the Patients Demographics section, but most docs weren't using it and it took up lot's of valuable space (made things quite cluttered). So it was removed; if enough user’s request the feature it may be added again.

Q: In the mandatory fields requiring completion in the set up phase there is a drop down arrow requiring you to select either GP or OD . In SA neither application is applicable, can this be omitted.

A: In a future version we will make this change. What designation do you use? In the mean-time, you could just choose OD; it doesn't really matter in the software (except reports, for which you can edit the actual template). You do want to choose "type" as Provider so that you can enter EMR chart data.

Q: We make use of ICD 10 codes, can these be loaded instead of CPT codes.

A: Maybe. I'll have to research it.

Q: Can a facility be loaded to load our state applicable medical aid details and relevant codes that pertain to them?

A: I'd need more information about what you have in mind.

Q: Do you plan to add the ability to include glasses or contact lens orders or have an inventory module?

A: Yes, but I couldn't say when it will be complete. It's something I'd like to have for my own practice, so that tends to get things done sooner LOL.

Q: Is there a way to put in more insurance company info to a patient's demographic data other than the primary and secondary insurance that is available at present?

A: In the past, there was a benefits screen in the Patients Demographics section, but most docs weren't using it and it took up lot's of valuable space (made things quite cluttered). So I took it out. What type of information were you looking to store?

Q: Do you have an interface to a stock module?

A: For tracking inventory, not yet; it's under consideration.

Q: I would be able to send you a list of our applicable tariff codes and corresponding prices, could these be included?

A: Again maybe... depends on whether it requires just a database update or a whole re-write of software.

Q: When will the next updated version come out with the multiple diagnosis codes

A: Not sure, maybe within a few months depending on how quickly some other projects get done.

Q: When typing a patient medication in the Medications field, the drop down box will list the drugs spelled similarly. However, it lists 2 of every drug with the exact same spelling. So you either have to spell the entire drug completely and then hit enter. Or, after you see the drug you are interested in you must hit the down arrow on the keyboard and then enter to select it. This process is timelier than it was before the update.

A: I'm working a fix for this issue and should have something soon.

Q: When trying to use the default templates in the drawing tool (located in the Quick Exam Tool); my vista computers will not open any of the drawings up so you can edit them to show the pathology you want. But, my XP computers can open the images up to edit them and then paste the pictures in the record for documentation.

A: I will test this on a Vista computer and find out what is causing the problem.

Q: It may sound like I'm really frustrated with trying to grasp this software but, you know what? I really love using it.

A: Thanks! Your comments and bug reports are welcomed, since they make the software more stable for the next doctor (who might not have your patience!).

Q: Is there a way to type in the "auto instrument" values, such as the K readings, auto-refraction, and NCT instead of using the sliders?

A: Not currently, but that's a good idea and I will look into it for some future version.

Q: Can I add more History option, such as the Family Medical History to include HTN, Heart DZ, Cancer, Thyroid, and also Family Ocular History?

A: Not currently, but I am looking at ways to add customization to the history section

Q: If we have our own exam form, would we be able to incorporate that into your software? Is that extra?

A: No, that is not available (our charting system is SOAP based).

Q: Is there a way I can add more HPI onto the HPI section? I do believe Medicare now requires 7 elements for 99204 or 99205. I would be go just to have the elements on the program to remind me to be Medicare compliant, and for those health care insurances as well, for the Office Visits, and comprehensive ophthalmological exams.

A: We will look into this issue and provide an update in the future.

Q: It would be optimum to select the rendering physician at each encounter.

A: The rendering physician is the currently logged in provider (since you wouldn't want others making changes to charts unless they were logged in).

Q: Is ezChartWriter compatible with the new Medicare e -Rx bonus program?

A: No. We are investigating a partnership with an online ePrescribing system, but they are all rather costly at the moment. And we strive for low cost!

Q: Just wondering how the inventory system is doing for ezChartWriter? Is a Beta version close to completion as of yet?

A: It's not ready for prime-time yet, but I'll be working on it over the next few months.

Q: I have found a couple of bugs in the contact lens Rx system, but haven't used enough to pinpoint the problem specifically. When you create a CLRx with the dropdown menus when you finalize the info does not paste in the final Rx also the date are funky if you need to change a expiration date.

A: The CL tool still has a number of bugs; at some point it will be totally revamped to improve functionality.

Q: Did you know that in the history part of the exam if you enter a condition (ie. FHx diabetes or SHx smoking) it does not show the other options (ie. FHx -glaucoma or SHx denies alcohol)?

A: That made it onto a bug list once before, but apparently never got fixed =( I'll look into it!

Q: Will you guys be adding a eFax prescription module to be compliant with Medicare soon?

A: We're looking into it, to see if it would be cost effective to add the feature. Otherwise I might partner with a third-party e-prescribing system.

Q: How about your work on a general medical or podiatry version? I am really impressed by your software, but it would have limited application to feet, as is

A: Sorry, as of now the software is designed for the eye care community. A simple SOAP note version of the software may be developed in the future (if enough interest is shown), with templates self-created by users.

Q: There is no way to add more lenses to the posterior seg eval lenses used. For example, where you check 78D lens and 20D lens, there is the area for other. When I check other and put in SuperField or SuperPupil, it will not store onto the Examination Chart.

A: Good point... never finished writing the code for that feature. Should be working for you in next version.