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Multiple Offices

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Q: I have two offices, can I run both off the same laptop (purchasing two software) or do I need separate computers for each office?

A: It is possible to do this, but you will have to do one additional step right before you start-up the software at each office. The path to your data file is stored in the computer's registry so it knows where to look. The simple way to switch back and forth is given below: the program ezPathUtil.exe found in the "C:\Program Files\ezHealthWare\ezUtilities" folder.
2.set the paths to the correct database location and save.


NOTE: To setup the different databases, first install the first office. Once completely installed, change the name of the data folder ("C:\ezHW_Data") to something different (e.g. "C:\ezHW_Data_OFFICE1"). Then open the ezPathUtil.exe program and CLEAR both database paths. Run ezChartWriter again and it will install a brand new database (which you set up with your 2nd office data). You can rename the data file to "C:\ezHW_Data_OFFICE2". Then open the ezPathUtil.exe one more time and set it to one of the above offices. You can then switch back and forth at any time just by changing the path.

Q: I will be closing the 2nd office later this summer, is there a way to merge the patient charts with the other office?

A: It may be possible, but we may have to do it manually for you (and it may not be possible to merge the billing module data, just the encounters and reports).