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International Sales

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Q: I am practicing in Ontario, Canada. Is there a Canadian version of your software (for billing purposes). We are using the "EDT" system here for file submission to the Ontario government health plan.

A: We currently do not have a Canadian specific version of our software, although 99% of the software functions just fine. We do have Canadian (and other international) users. Billing is the main variable.You would likely have to have an outside billing program.

Q: Is there a Spanish language version of ezChartWriter EMR?

A: Not currently. But if you are interested in a Spanish version, please email so we can gauge the level of interest.

Q: I have downloaded a trial version of your software and am intrigued with the possibility of using it. However my biggest question is in regard to billing our provincial insurance plan. In my practice over 70% of my billing is to OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan), which requires the data to be submitted in a specific manner. Is there an add-on module for this purpose or would I have to program it to create the right output?

A: There is no module currently. Can you provide a link to a website with information about the data submission requirements and/or sample form.