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"How do I?" help is available on most screens in ezChartWriter. Many times you will be brought directly to the topic that relates to the screen that you are viewing. You can also jump from topic-to-topic or use the search feature. Other help resources include the PDF manual and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Access these areas from the Main Login Screen.

clip0011How do I ?

 Get started using ezChartWriter?

 Use the Admin functions?

 Create a new patient?        

 Open an existing patient?

 Use the QuickFind tool?

 Create an Encounter?

 Create a Rx?

 Create a Report?

 Create a Note?

 Scan or Attach Documents?




The quickest way to display the help is to press F1. If context-sensitive help is available it will be displayed automatically.



Most of the screens in ezChartWriter have a Help button that displays relevant information.



Select the Help item in the menu bar for additional help options.