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Hardware Requirements

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We highly recommend that you use a computer system with more than the minimum requirements to improve performance and speed. Also, the choice of network greatly impacts the speed at which you can access the database. Wireless networks should only be used for light-duty workstations.


You can find up-to-date information about system requirements by visiting our website located at



Before you start using ezChartWriter, you should have a working knowledge of your PC and your operating system. The software is designed to operate under Windows XP/2000/2003. You should know how to use a mouse,  keyboard, the standard Windows menus and commands, and how to open, save, and close files. For more information, consult your Microsoft documentation.


To use ezChartWriter successfully, you need to a printer (preferably a Laser printer, although an inkjet will work). You also need pre-perforated copy paper if you intend to create two half-page Rx's (useful if you would like to keep a duplicate paper copy for your records). And, of course, you need a computer that is capable of running ezChartWriter. A network setup is very desirable, as this will allow frontdesk staff to enter the basic patient demographics and to print Rx's for patients at the front counter.


Recommended Paper

No Security Features: Weyehaeuser 20 lb. pre-perforated copy paper (at 5 ½")


Available by the case from Office Depot or a similar office supply store
Advantage: Low cost
Disadvantages: Easy to alter; not valid in some states




Security Paper: Secure Laser Rx Paper (various formats)


Includes security background (word VOID appears when photocopied)
Erasure protection
Advantage:  Nearly impossible to duplicate/alter
Disadvantage: Much more expensive than copy paper


NOTE:  If you intend to print computer-generated medication Rx's, please check with your state Pharmacy Board to verify that they will be acceptable in your state or locality. Some states, for example New Jersey, require pre-numbered prescription blanks.


Recommended Printer

KONICA Minolta-QMS PagePro 1350-W Laser Printer




21 pages-per-minute
1200 dpi, 8M
Can usually be purchased for under $200 online or at any computer superstore


Recommended Network Gear

Wireless Pre-N Broadband Router


Click here to visit the Belkin website.


Allows both wired and wireless connections
Can usually be purchased for under $100 online or at any computer superstore


NOTE: ezChartWriter will operate much slower on a wireless network than over a wired ethernet system.