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Errors & Crashes

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Q: Vista problems - They just randomly occur while I am trying to utilize the program.

A: Some of the issues might have been resolved in the newest release. Also, Microsoft has released several upgrades that improve compatibility, so those should be downloaded from the Microsoft site if not done already. Vista was a major overhaul for Microsoft and much work had to be done with ezChartWriter to make it fully compatible. Some bugs probably persist and will be fixed as they are discovered. If at all possible, try to use XP (or Win 2000) systems (especially for your exam computer). I do have users with Vista though that seem to do fine.

Q: My computer keeps giving a message that states it can't operate in 'modal' form during an encounter, then closes the whole encounter without saving and I have to start over. Is this common with Vista? what can I do? I like using your program, but I have to keep re-entering the information, which wastes exam time.

A: That does sound extremely frustrating. From the way you described it, the error only happens sometimes and not on every chart? There can be two causes for this error: (1) insufficient computer memory and (2) a bug.

The lack of computer memory is the most likely culprit. Even with new computers with lot's of memory, the resources can be used up quickly if you have multiple charts open or if you have a single chart and have memory hogs like Internet Explorer or Firefox open also. To check your memory usage, use alt-ctrl-del key combination to open the "Task Manager". Then click "Processes" and click the "Mem Usage" heading to sort by amount used. This will provide clues to what's running and using up memory. On my computers, I can typically have two charts open, but not with an Internet browser window open. Trust me, I've lost enough charts over the years to be totally p***-off when it happens... and I wrote the software! I've learned that the Subjective History tool is the biggest memory hog, so I usually open and close that window quickly. It's always best to close a tool out as soon as you've entered the data (that forces an automatic save also, so your work up to that point is saved).

The second possibility is that there is a specific bug that causes the error. If that is the case, then there is likely some combination of clicks or actions that lead to it. Have you noticed a pattern at all (e.g. the crashes only occur when entering the history or the plan/assessment)? If you detect a pattern, let me know.

Q: I keep getting a runtime error'401' (can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed) while I am in the history screen with medications.

A: Thanks for catching that bug! I will send you an updated exam module in a few days with the fix.

Q: Any updates or suggestions to fix the problem I had with my Toshiba tablet pc?

A: You might also try disabling the wireless connection and connect the Tablet to the network with a cable (into your router directly). See if that allows connection to the database.

Q: While attempting to update, I get an error. It says to click "try again" to repeat, "ignore" to skip this file (not recommended), or "abort" to cancel. Retry keeps getting stuck at the same spot. Ignore didn't do anything. It acted like it was continuing to install the new updates however, when I tried the program I didn't notice any changes to the features like I did one my other computer.

A: Try restarting that computer and trying again. You can also use the direct download link, rather than doing it with auto- update. That should allow the setup to continue.

Q: I have windows media player, but couldn't get the spectacle prescription video tutorial to play. The screen remained blank despite pushing the play icon

A: The video player may be an older version. Try updating to the newest version.

Q: Is it normal that your program does not show up in the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" window?

A: No, it should have the uninstall option. The only thing I can think of is that maybe you already uninstalled it using the Add/Remove?

Q: When I try to logon as an administrator the program prohibits me from going forward, telling me that my 30 day trial is over. Am I missing something???

A: I'm assuming that you actually have passed your 30-day period? What's SUPPOSED happen is that when you first start the software, a warning message tells you that your license has expired. The program then loads as usual and you reach the login screen. The User button should be grayed out and only the Admin button can be used. There should be button visible for purchasing software (which you already did). Once you login into the Admin, you should be able to click on the Software Account screen, then the Register Software button, from which you click the "Activate Via Internet" button.

So, if you can tell me exactly where the program is halting, it will help determine the error. Is it right after it displays the "License Expired" message?

Two other questions:

(1) Is the clinic telephone number you licensed the same as what you used during the trial?

(2) Did you try restarting your computer?

Q: I am getting the following error message when I attempt to run the setup program.  It prevents me from completing the setup. The error shows: “RegSvr32:  regsp.exe - Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point ?NP_GetAcctCell@CPortView@@UAGHHHHPAD@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library SPORT.dll.”

A: That's an interesting error; haven't had any other reports of that one. It's the Windows library for controlling the serial port (for use with eyeCOMM instrument link). I believe, however, that this file (sPort.dll) is the LAST file to be registered, so you may still be able to run the software. There may be no icons created on your desktop, but try navigating to Program Files \ ezHealthWare \ ezChartWriter \ and double click on ezChartWriter.exe to start the software. If it starts okay, then the error won't effect program operation (unless you try to use eyeCOMM).

Q: I hate to bother you with this because I know you're working on it, but I've been having so many problems with the software freezing up on me lately. The program usually doesn’t freeze while doing a patient encounter (luckily). It usually happens when opening a new patient to start another encounter or obtain info. on a patient. In order to remedy the problem I have to restart the computer. This can take some time as the ezChartWriter program doesn’t want to end. I have to wait till the 'end now' screen comes up on the task scheduler program to stop the program. The 'end now' screen may pop up 2 to 3 times before the program actually ends and the computer begins the shut down process.

A: Usually the cause of this type of problem is limited resources (which could be overall memory, graphics card memory or the windows memory stack).  The software has been updated to eliminate many of the crashes when out of memory, although you won’t be able to open Tools until you free up memory elsewhere (e.g. close some other program). The best solution is to add more RAM to your system.

Q: I get an error message if I close the Examination Note using the small x in the upper right corner instead of the close button near the sign chart button on the lower left of the screen.

A: Fixed in the new update. Although on one of my computers, I also get an occasional error when closing with the bottom button; the chart saves okay, but seems to generate an error code on closing. working on a fix for that too.