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Data Exchange

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Q: I think the ezDataExchange would be the only extra module I would be interested in. How does it work and can it be set up to use any database or is it only compatible with certain software database?

A: The ezDataExchange module is designed to import/export patient demographics (usually as a batch when first starting to use the program). It can be used to import a few patients at a time. The major limitation is that the data being imported must be of a standard format. It must be in a CSV (comma separated values) file or a tab-delimited text file. So your Medisoft program must be able to Export your patient data in this format. If so, then the ezChartWriter software should be able to import it.

Q: I wanted to ask whether or not the software will allow demographic information from Medisoft?  This is an important consideration before purchasing your product.

A: You can send your Medisoft database for evaluation (use and email us to let know it's coming); sometimes it is possible to directly extract the data. Otherwise, you can try exporting the data from Medisoft and then importing it into ezChartWriter using the ezDataExchange module.

Q: I was wondering if later the examination data saved in the program could be exported into CCHIT compliant program?

A: Typically only the patient demographics can be exchanged; there is no recognized standard format for exchanging clinical data as of yet.