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Linking to other PMS systems

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Q: Does ezChartWriter integrate with any online billing systems?

A: No, but there is a companion billing module available called ezClaimBiller. You can upload claims to an online EDI processor (we recommend

Q: Our current practice management system is a program called Eminence, are you familiar with it and what would be required for transfers from this system?

A: I've not heard of that PM software. Do you have a website for them? In general, we don't connect to many PM software, since they are all so different.

Q: If we use QuickBooks, can the patient info we type up to create their receipt automatically fill the cells in ezChartWriter?

A: No, you will unfortunately have to enter the data again.

Q: Is the ezChartWriter compatible with "compulink" to use ezChartWriter for EMR, yet continue to use COMPULINK for back office this possible?

A: There is no built-in functions to transfer data between the two systems, although you may be able to use the ezDataExchange module if Compulink allows exporting of data. Most users that have practice management software used concurrently with ezChartWriter get around this problem by entering just the patient name and DOB; all other tracking would be done by the practice management software (PMS).

Q: Is it compatible with any online schedulers (4patientcare)?

A: No. There is a simple schedule module that's integrated.

Q: Would this software be compatible with a phone dialer?

A: Not sure, depends on the type of dialer software you are using and whether it will accept exported data. Email us with specific details.