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Licensing Issues

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Q: I purchased the software and still have not received an email confirmation about how to register my software.

A: The email might have ended up in your SPAM folder. You can request a new email confirmation (send email to or request a fax confirmation (send us your fax number and clinic telephone number that you licensed).

Q: Please explain how to activate my software.

A: You should have received a confirmation email with instructions. You can check to see if you software was activated by signing in Admin and clicking Software Account-> Register Software -> Activate via Internet.

Q: My software says its expired. I just purchased it in June - what gives????

A: I just checked all your license files and they are valid until June 2009. Try restarting your computer, as the application that checks the license status may have a glitch. On rare occasions the system file that encrypts the license key goes haywire. Usually a computer restart will fix the problem.

Q: I am trying to activate via Internet but I am getting an error message. "No valid license data for your account (#11122211333)."

A: Before you can initiate the licensing process you must receive the confirmation email that your license is active. This can sometimes take a few days. If you still have problems, it may be because you have used a different telephone number at some point. Double check the Admin->Software Account->View Licenses and check the number.