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Customize Appointment Types

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You can customize the options for appointments using the Appointment Customization tool. This effects the way your appointments display (colors, category names).




Modifying/Adding Items

There are five steps to adding/changing the appointment options:

(1) select the category from the dropdown

(2) click the item in the list (to edit) or click New button to add

(3) enter a color code number (if you want a color other than white)

(4) enter the Item Value (e.g. what you want to add, like "CE" for comprehensive exam)

(5) click Save to save the changes





There are four default categories that can be customized by clicking the dropdown box. Once you select a category, you can edit or delete a subitem by clicking on it in the item list. Or you can add a new item by clicking the New button at the bottom.



The four patient types are listed below:


Patient Type

There are two default types that come built-in: NP (new patient) and PP (previous patient).




Exam Types

The built-in exam types are:

 CLE        Contact Lens Exam

 FIT        Contact Lens Fitting

 FU        Follow Up visit

 I&R        Insertion/Removal Training

 OV        Office Visit

 PO        Post-Op visit

 RGP        Rigid Gas Permeable lens visit

 S FU        Spectacle Follow-up or Recheck

 VE        Vision Exam

 VF        Visual Field Testing



The standard urgency types are:






For use when a time period is blocked off because of unavailability (e.g. closed for lunch, doctor half-day, etc).

 Doctor Meeting


 Out of Office

 Reserved for Walk-ins


Using Color Codes

Simply enter the number of the color code in the space at the bottom.