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Q: How do you edit the reports that come with the program?

A: On the main screen (click the Main Menu button at the bottom if you aren't on the main screen), click the Special Functions button (the big "F" in green circle). Select the option "Report Designer". To edit a report just double-click it or select "Edit". You can make any changes you like, but remember that the items in double brackets [[code]] are codes to set placement of text. The names are pretty self-explanatory. You can enter new codes using the drop-down box at the top. You can create your own reports and handouts the same way (just select new; you can even copy an existing report as the template). By the way, you can also get to the Report Designer in any open chart by clicking the menu item "Customize-->Customize Reports & Letters".

Q: Can the exam form be customized to mimic as close as possible the flow of our current exam form?

A: Not really, in the sense that the exam is basically presented in SOAP format and you use a series of tools to complete the encounter. You'll have to try the demo to see if it meets your needs. Within the tools, many options are customizable.

Q: On your website, it is stated that, "data tools customizable to your needs" (in future versions). What does that mean?

A: Obviously, the more customization available, the more likely we can meet the needs of many doctors. The reality of software limitations and time constraints unfortunately limits how much customization is possible. Right now, many of the text statements that are pasted into your SOAP note (or examsheet view) are customizable.

Q: Can you make your own custom exam templates? If so how.

A: Not really necessary, since it’s the Tool Data that you would want to customize. You can also customize the text pasted into your exam record. To do this, open the Quick Exam Tool, click on any of the buttons (for instance, "Pupils"), then click the "Customize" button in the bottom left side. From there you can enter your own text data. Of course, you can edit the actual SOAP data at any time just like in a word processor.

Q: We would like to know whether reports generated by the system could be configured (i.e. whether we can suppress the "normal" remarks of investigation and print only the "abnormal remarks so that the report can be limited to one page)?

A: This would be impossible to do given how the software is designed; additionally, for legal reasons all notations, whether normal or abnormal, should be part of the medical chart.

Q: Is it possible to design a totally custom exam template? (i.e. for s-code/routine exams, ortho-k, etc...)

A: The current version of the software is somewhat limited in customization in that sense. Future versions will include more customization.

Q: Can we add our own information such as states and cities to the lists?

A: You can edit the states and zip codes in the "Settings" screen (use the customize lists option). You will likely have to edit the report templates also (using the "Report Designer") in special functions.