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Appointment Scheduler

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Q: What is the recommended way to add a new patient on the appointment book? I notice that it does not have a function to transfer some of the information such as the name, phone number, and insurance information from the appointment book to the demographics if a new patient was to come in on the appointment book. Is there a button to connect the appointment book to start a chart (new or existing) from the appointment book?

A: The appointment module was originally designed to stand alone, so the connectivity with the main database is limited. Eventually there will be tighter integration. Basically, you have to switch to the main ezChartWriter screen to enter all demographic data, although once it is enter you can "find" it with the "Select Patient" button on the new appointment screen.

Q: When I am in the Appointment scheduler, I type in the patient's appointment and brief insurance info. Is there anyway that info could be carried over into the Demographic portion of ezChartWriter without double typing?

A: That would be nice, but is not currently available.